why mehndi is applied before marriage?

Fasting is a ritual performed before marriage in all religions. The rituals are performed at the groom's home, but a very special ritual is given to the bride.

henna traditional custom

Mehndi is considered as a sign of good luck as well as Solah Shringar. That is why this ritual is considered very special for the bride.

reason for applying henna

The darker the color of henna, the deeper is the love of daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. And also reflects the relationship between husband and wife.

acts as a coolant

With all the fun of a wedding comes mental and physical stress as well. Applying henna helps to relax your body and your stressed nerves.

improves overall health

Mehndi is a medicinal herb that has antiseptic properties. The properties help the couple fight viral diseases and common infections.

So lucky is it for the couple. Henna is not only a fun pre-wedding celebration but also holds immense cultural significance.

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