Children become trees after death here! 

Some customs are so unique that it becomes difficult to believe. A similar tradition has been going on in Indonesia for years.

In Indonesia, children are cremated in a different way after their death. Their children can live forever with nature. This tradition is strange but has been going on for centuries.

cremation of children

The trunk of the tree is first hollowed out from inside and when the child dies, he is wrapped in a cloth and placed in the trunk of the tree and his body is converted a tree.

after the death of your child

According to this tradition, after the death of their child, they are buried in a tree, so that they feel close and loved for the rest of their lives.

People of the Yanomani tribe living in South America

In this tradition, after burning the dead, they make soup and drink the remaining ashes. Knowing this, you will not be able to believe.

This tradition is called endocannibalism, to follow which the people of the tribe eat the flesh of a dead person of the family.

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