Home remedies to remove sun tan from full body skin.

The strong rays of the sun have a negative effect on the internal and external health of the body. Home remedies to remove sun tanning

Lemon juice, cucumber and rose water

Cucumber juice and rose water can also be used along with lemon as a remedy for skin tan. Lemon juice will work to remove tan.

Turmeric and gram flour pack

Gram flour will work to remove dead skin cells. Turmeric can help in removing skin related problems.

benefits of honey and papaya

You can use papaya as a remedy for skin tan. Papaya will work to increase the glow of your skin. The enzymes present in papaya work to make the skin fair.

Benefits of Yogurt and Tomato Pack

This pack of tomato and curd will also work to remove dark spots from the face. Phytochemical called lycopene is found in tomato.

benefits of coconut water and sandalwood

You can use coconut water with sandalwood as a remedy to remove sun tan. Sandalwood is rich in medicinal properties.

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