shark tank india season 2 episode 13 title

Shark Tank India season 2 episode 13 premiered on January 18, 2023 during the episode titled "Up and Coming Business Ideas".

First Pitch Young Pioneer with a Twist

In a spectacular performance, the team gets closer to their destination by impressing sharks as their drone flies through various obstacles set up on the stage.

Second team of the day 'Angrakha'

He aims to retain the spirit of 'Indianness' in his designs even as he makes it big in the global market. To keep marching towards his targeted success, he says.

'Dybaxy' third pitch of the day

Having started operations in 2016, his company has now garnered over 3.5 lakh customers. To boost his target to a higher level, the sharks seek a deal worth Rs.1

shark tank india season 2 episode 13 review

Sharq is clearly led by his expertise to create a niche in the business, and that is what he carried forward with 'Angrakha' under his guidance.

There are already enough 'plus size' brands in the market, but what 'Angrakha' gets straight is this "outcast" portrayal of the clothing line that has been attracting customers for so long.

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