what does it mean when the left upper eyelid twitches?

Many traditions and cultures have associated this blinking of the eyes with signals from the universe about the nature of certain upcoming events.

Multiple options to stop the flutter

Eye strain, fatigue, dry eyes, stimulants, dehydration, excessive drinking, etc. Whatever may be the reason, there is no need to panic. 

relax your eyes with a massage

With the help of your middle finger, massage the roundness of the lower eyelid. Massage the eyelid of the eye which is twitching for about 30 seconds.

blink for 20 seconds

Blinking of the eyelids is very important for your eyes. It relaxes most of the muscles of the eyes.

do eye exercises

Keep your eyes closed for one minute. Close your eyes tightly for this period and then leave them without opening.Repeat this action three times before opening the eyes.

Try the Hydrotherapy Technique of the Eyes

Splash lukewarm and cold water alternately on closed eyes. Cold water will constrict the blood vessels and lukewarm water will dilate the same blood vessels.

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