why is red tomato green inside ?

Vitamin A is also found in tomatoes, which is beneficial for the body, it also improves digestion and also removes the problem of gas.

Scientists believe that tomato is a fruit which is tasty as well as beneficial.

red color of tomato

The old botanical name of tomato is Lycopersican esculentum Mill. Solanum called Lyco porsican.

Tomatoes do not even want to be cooked. When tomatoes are initially raw, their color is green. The green color is due to the chlorophyll present in tomatoes.

Can you eat tomatoes that are green inside?

If you are eating a variety that is supposed to be green on the inside even after fully ripening, there is nothing to worry about.

Why not try fried green tomatoes? It is a classic dish from South America prepared with raw green tomatoes.

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